Don't Ever Stop | References
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References and Accolades

“Don’t Ever Stop was instrumental in changing the culture and achievement levels in our school.  As a result of implementation of DES tools and processes including Shared Vision, Codes of Collaboration, Standard Operating Procedures, and increased student engagement in learning our discipline referrals have been reduced and our growth data on the state assessment have dramatically improved. DES’s role in working with grade level teachers and our Instructional Leadership Team to refine our curriculum has brought us to a laser like focus on student learning. Thanks to our partners Copper and Gene (DES) for helping us with our success.”  DES Elementary Principal Client

“When our middle school was faced with sanctions for failing to make federal student growth targets, our district superintendent brought in a team of experts to help us formulate and execute a plan. Copper Stoll and Gene Giddings of Don’t Ever Stop are that team. They ensured that our leadership and staff take the first steps in forming a strategic plan that, if we see it through, will result in the achievement growth needed for our students to become college and career ready. Together with the guidance of Don’t Ever Stop, our teachers learned and practiced new strategies and techniques over this past year. Our teachers will need to learn more and use 21st century educational best practices throughout the coming years to insure achievement for our students. Stoll and Giddings have guided, nurtured and supported our staff in this endeavor over the past year in several critical ways.” –DES Middle School Principal Client

“Given the current national agenda regarding Common Core State Standards, this book a must read for everyone concerned about the future of public schooling in the US. “-CHOICE MAGAZINE

“Over the course of the past four years, Stoll’s and Giddings’ work ethic has been powerful in improving the goals of the districts with which they worked. Stoll and Giddings were able to create fast and powerful rapport with the district and school administrators and teachers so the administrators can internalize their feedback to focus teachers on those behaviors that best impact learning. They assisted administrators in crafting their language to provide feedback to teachers to improve a teacher’s reflection of their actions on the learning. They have created tools and processes to add to the Cambridge repertoire to aid in our company’s efficiency and effectiveness.”  Project Director Cambridge Education US

“Dr. Stoll has brought a high level of intelligence and experience to her work with us. She has a deep understanding of personal mastery learning systems, and provides our teachers with very high-value actionable feedback in her classroom visits. She provides outstanding professional development that effectively models personal mastery learning approaches. Dr. Stoll’s expertise in personal mastery extends to organizational mastery. She has worked with our campuses and our charter management organization with self-assessment tools that help us understand what level of maturity we are at as well as set goals for the levels of mastery we want to achieve. She has been very helpful in assisting us with developing our next steps for achieving these goals.”-President of Ingenium Schools

Comments and scores from a Symposium conducted by DES!

Ratings: 4=Very meaningful; 3=Meaningful; 2=Somewhat Meaningful; 1=Not meaningful

4 3 2 1 Average
Content  79 21 0 0 3.79
Process: Tools and Activities 84 22 1 0 3.77
Related to work in the district 81 25 1 0 3.75
Related to work in my position 79 24 4 0 3.70
Related to improving student achievement 93 14 0 0 3.87

Quotes from the final evaluations:

  • “Colleagues shared real-life classroom strengths and challenges!”
  •  “I was able to apply new ideas to my own classroom and school.  AMAZING professional development opportunity!”
  • “I was working with my school team creating a shared vision and planning for the upcoming year”
  •  “I can’t wait to start using these strategies in my room.  I hope I can find the time to implement and make them.  I love how you adjusted your plans to meet our need and interests.”
  • “Actual teachers shared what worked best for them in their classrooms”
  • “Hearing from the panel, videos w/ examples, ‘how to start’, collaborating with building staff, using the rubric for our group showed me how it worked and it made me a better ‘symposium student’”
  •  “We were able to interact, practice/model what we will do with our students.”
  •  “I now feel empowered, inspired and energized!”
  • “Opened my eyes! For the first time I am really positive about this change! “
  • “This was nice because there were teachers here to share their experiences. I think more are getting on board because they are hearing it from more than one source.  This is by far the BEST professional development I have ever been to!”
  •  “We were able to work together as a staff! Loved the visuals! Awesome presenters J Amazing energy! Loved all 4 days! “
  • “Best Conference EVER! Staff worked together-time to do it!”