Don't Ever Stop | Educational Consultation and Leadership
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Mission of Don’t Ever Stop!

Building capacity in educational systems for personalized mastery. 

Vision of <i>Don’t Ever Stop!</i>

Vision of Don’t Ever Stop!

Transforming public education through empowering students to change the world.
Values of <i>Don't Ever Stop!</i>

Values of Don't Ever Stop!

  • Personalized Mastery
  • Research-based
  • Relationship-driven
  • Transparency
  • Capacity-building for continuous improvement and sustainability
Services of <i>Don’t Ever Stop! </i>

Services of Don’t Ever Stop!

Building local capacity in leadership, teachers, community, and students through utilizing quality tools and processes in:

  • Facilitating shared vision and common moral purpose
  • Preparing staff for change
  • Building trust in learning environments
  • Developing collective efficacy in staff and students
  • Constructing mechanisms for continuous improvement
  • Embedding professional development in collaborative inquiry teams to improve student motivation and learning

"Don’t Ever Stop was instrumental in changing the culture and achievement levels in our school. As a result of implementation of DES tools and processes including Shared Vision, Codes of Collaboration, Standard Operating Procedures, and increased student engagement in learning our discipline referrals have been reduced and our growth data on the state assessment have dramatically improved. DES’s role in working with grade level teachers and our Instructional Leadership Team to refine our curriculum has brought us to a laser like focus on student learning. Thanks to our partners Copper and Gene (DES) for helping us with our success."

Colorado Elementary Principal

"Bringing change smartly and effectively is no small feat. Dr. Stoll made that possible. Copper's expertise and work ethic were a powerful driver in introducing Personalized Mastery Learning in our school in Moscow. She was invaluable in both optimizing managerial practices and restructuring the classroom experience through practical tools and processes, which led to better results and better learning in our school. Working with Dr. Stoll has undoubtedly been one of the brightest highlights in my career."

Juan Cardenas, Deputy Director

"Stoll and Giddings (both, Don't Ever Stop LLC) offer a compelling argument for today's struggling public schools... With "proficiency for all" as their guiding light, Stoll and Giddings provide the steps for and discuss the challenges of creating a culture of continuous improvement from planning to implementation. Most impressively, and unlike many authors recommending substantial changes to public education, Stoll and Giddings have embedded their recommendations in the actual transformation of a school district, including reflections of principals, teachers, students, and parents. Summing Up: Highly recommended. All readership levels. -- K. Layton, University of Arkansas at Little Rock"

Choice Magazine Recommendation

""Just wanted to share with you a few things I saw in classes today. You would be proud! I also heard teachers talking about affinity diagrams and making their own classroom shared vision. It’s catching on! Good Work!""

Literacy Coach Fall 2013

"YOU COPPER AND GENE ARE AMAZING!!! I have had the best week. We have our SOP for decision-making and groundwork for our Vision, our Code of Collaboration and rubric… OMG!! This is magic… You are both my heroes!!!"

Elem Principal

""Don't Ever Stop has helped to instill a sense of urgency and empowerment through their monthly consulting visits. Stoll and Giddings got to know who we were as professionals and the bond that was created was collegial as well as human. Their honest and timely feedback was critical in the development of our corrective action plans. Their ability and willingness to work after hours, through phone conferences and via e-mail, helped make our planning more efficient, reflective and effective. The close professional relationship established between Don't Ever Stop and our school leadership has been a refreshing and encouraging reminder that goals can be reached through communication, collaboration and diligence. And we are not finished yet.""

Instructional Coach

"I didn’t really expect to write you, but I just can’t help but be SUPER excited after today. My plan was to do the shared vision with my students and I almost abandoned it this morning because I was scared of what would happen. Despite my reservations, I continued on, and it has been just fabulous. The students have been very receptive, and they’ve come up with some really great stuff. I am just so pleased and energized!"

HS ELA teacher

""Copper and Gene's work for Cambridge Education is always exemplary. They have been trained by our professionals to improve learning and teaching, leadership and management through district and school improvement and have successfully supported our focus on improving student learning from a systemic perspective.""

Project Director for Cambridge Education US